Thursday, 19 October 2017


So who's a hardcore follower and remember when we did this back in 2015? (see the post here) We loved it so much we wanted to make it an annual tradition, however autumn 2016 was basically a write off because I was so sicky and pregnant, but THIS year we started it up again. And with a 5 month old bubba! Other changes involved a full size bottle of wine instead of a mini (because you know, parent life requires it) and some homemade apple pies. But not just any apple pies, the mini-cinnamon-salted caramel variety! Recipe below. The day we decided to do this picnic happened to be the day of storm Ophelia, so the sandy sky made everything look orange and dark, which actually made it look even more autumnal, but also darker so apologies for that! Anyway who else is loving this october? So many beautiful and crisp days! 

She's at the 'obsessed with adult food' phase!
Her outfit is from next, sooo cute. She did have little booties on but kicked them off and it was strangely warm anyway
Still only interested in our food! Haha
This photo sums up motherhood pretty well, I'm pouring the wine while she is putting random things in her mouth...this time it was a leaf. She is obsessed with leaves! 
Getting her to sleep...well trying to.
 My friend joined us so I used the opportunity to get a snap as a family!

Mini Apple Pie recipe (makes about 5/6 pies)
1 roll of ready roll puff pastry
1 cooking apple
1/2 lemon
Sprinkle of cinnamon
1 tbsp of golden caster sugar
1 egg
Jar of salted caramel sauce 
(or you can use plain caramel sauce and flakes of seasalt)

Preheat oven to 180. Unroll the pastry onto a floured surface, and use a circular cutter or the bottom of a glass to cut out your circles. Peel and chop up apple into small cubes, squeeze over the lemon and sprinkle with cinnamon (more depending on how much flavour you'd like) and the sugar. Place the pastry discs onto a grease proof baking sheet and put a spoonful of the apple mix onto each one. Top the apple mixture with a spoonful of the salted caramel sauce (or caramel sauce and a sprinkle of sea salt flakes). Place the other pastry disc onto each one and use a fork to close up the pie. I also like to prod the fork into the top as it looks pretty. Brush with a whisked egg and sprinkle some more sugar on top of each. Bake for 15-20 minutes, or until nice and golden. Place on a wire rack to cool and serve with warm custard or on their own with a coffee. Mmmmmmmmm

Any other autumnal recipes I need to try?
Morgan Alice 

Wednesday, 11 October 2017


We woke up on our first day of holiday in north Norfolk to the sunniest, crispest day and decided to take a trip to Blickling Hall. Something you may not know about me, I have a history degree and love love medieval England. There aren't a huge amount of really old houses in England, so when I saw that we were staying near such a beautiful 17th century house, we had to make a trip. 

I read on the national trust website that nobody forgets their first view of Blickling Hall; a stunning red bricked manshion flanked by ancient yew hedges. I can certainly vouch for that. Absolutely stunning! And one of my favourite stately homes I've ever visited. The house of Blickling today was built on the ruin of the Boleyn property, where Anne was born. 

My family doing what they do best...Jason carrying Alice and making a fuss of her, my dad trying to read every bit of history possible.

Most of the house has been left in its 1920s decor.

Dream kitchen set up. Huge butler sink with lovely windows and views behind. 

Spot Jason and Alice...

A mirror designed to look at the ceiling...not for selfies...
My favourite room!
This tapestry was gifted to the home owner but none of the rooms were tall enough to house it, so he built an extension with higher ceilings!

Thought this looked like something from the secret garden. 
Not many national trust sites have their own pub in the grounds, and especially ones that do the tastiest dishes. I had a fried brie dish which was particularly lush!

 That autumnal, evening light though!
She's in the 'grabby''s usually my hair or clothes, as you can see! She did have a lovely outfit on (that you may have seen in this photo) but she did a poonami in the pub and I stupidly had no spare clothes on me! It happens... So I had to wrap her up in a blanket for the rest of the photos..hence the bare leg above.
So cute!
Anything more romantic than the crisp, autumnal, evening light shining through an old garden? I kind of wish I lived back in the 17th century, life seemed soooo much simpler then. 
The sun started to set (and Alice was getting grumpy/tired as you can see above) so we decided it was time to make a move and head back to the car. Our first day of holiday was pretty beaut!

Have you been to Blickling? Any other houses you would recommend?
More holiday posts coming this week. Have a peek at our cottage and first morning here.
Lots of love!

Morgan Alice